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February 2024 Crypto Hacks: Over $100 Million Stolen

2024-03-01COINTURK NEWS 2344

Blockchain security company PeckShieldAlert recently shared data on crypto hacks that occurred in February 2024. According to the report, hackers continued to target the crypto world, stealing over 100 million dollars.

ContentsA 42% Drop Compared to January 2024Signs of Potential Improvement in Security Measures A 42% Drop Compared to January 2024

According to PeckShieldAlert's data, hackers persisted in their attacks on the crypto world in February 2024. The report indicates that hackers managed to steal approximately 104.73 million dollars in over 20 attacks throughout the month. This represents a notable 42% decrease from January 2024.

Despite these thefts, there was some success in recovering the stolen funds. According to compiled data, about 6.4% of the stolen funds, totaling approximately 6.7 million dollars, were returned to the victims.

Signs of Potential Improvement in Security Measures

The report reveals a significant decrease in crypto hack attacks during February, suggesting potential improvements in blockchain security measures or changes in hackers' tactics. This decrease is a positive development for crypto users and the blockchain community as it indicates progress in closing security gaps and enhancing defense against malicious activities.

Despite the decrease in hack attacks, challenges in maintaining robust security in the blockchain world persist. Hackers continue to refine their tactics and exploit security vulnerabilities. This situation underscores the need for market participants to remain vigilant and adopt a proactive approach to implementing effective security measures.

The partial recovery of stolen funds also offers a glimmer of hope for victims of crypto theft. While the recovered funds represent only a limited portion of the total stolen throughout the month, it highlights the importance of rapid response and collaboration in mitigating the impact of hack attacks.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this article does not constitute investment advice. Investors should be aware that cryptocurrencies carry high volatility and therefore risk, and should conduct their own research.


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