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ICEBREAKER achievement in Citizen Sleeper

2024-03-01TrueAchievements 2344

Short Version: Complete all of Feng's tasks.

Detailed Version:

I recommend dealing with Hunter before going into Feng's quests, or else Hunter will keep attacking your condition as a result of the many hacking actions required by this questline. The solution for Insert Mind will get you most of the way there.

Choices do not matter in any of the dialogues that follow.

Go through Feng's dialogue when he finds you at your home at the beginning of cycle 4. The next cycle, an Icon for Feng will appear. Go to it and go through another dialogue. You'll receive a Solheim Cipher.

Switch to hacking mode (the Eye icon underneath your dice), go to the Solheim Gate node, and input the Solheim Cipher. This will unlock three Solheim nodes around it. Provide the specified dice to hack and extract the data from these nodes, then deliver the acquired Solheim Data to Feng's Bay. After that, go through the next dialogue with Feng. You will acquire a Ripperworm, which you will use in a short while.

Next, hack and extract data from any Havenage data node. You'll receive 1 Havenage data like normal, but you'll also acquire a Havenage cipher. Then go to Havenage Gate H4 (furthest "south" node in hacking mode) and insert the Havenage cipher. Havenage Port H33 opens up nearby; insert the Ripperworm there.

Wait 3 cycles. You'll go through a story bit where you confront Hardin. Wait another 4 cycles.

An icon for Hardin will appear where Feng's Bay was. Go to it for a story bit, at the end you'll get "Feng's Gum Box." Go to Tambour Teahouse and hand in the gum box. This will start a dialogue with Feng, where you'll get an assignment to run deliveries for Min-Gi Express. Go to Min-Gi Express and complete Engage action "Exress Delivery" enough times to fill the "Feng's Targets" wheel. After that, you'll have another dialogue with Feng in which he will give you 2 Ripperworms. Switch to Hacking mode, find the two "Hardin Agent" nodes, input the specified dice, and extract the data. After hacking/extracting each node, a Hardin Agent Port node will appear nearby; input the Ripperworms in these nodes. Return to Feng (his icon will appear above the Tambour Teahouse). You will need Greenway Access after this point, which you can get by paying 150 cryo for ferry access at the Founder's Gap (one-time payment for permanent access). Feng has a 6-cycle countdown timer at the Service Dock in Greenway.

After the 6 cycles, you're in the final stretch. Feng will explain... something, and give you 4 more Ripperworms. You will need to complete this last step within 6 cycles, so try not to have too many other tasks going on. In hacking mode, the "Conway Access" node will appear at the north end of the Greenway. Insert a Ripperworm here; a 6-cycle countdown "Conway Extraction" will begin at the Service Dock. (I honestly don't know what happens if this countdown finishes.) A "Consec" node will appear in the Greenway in hacking mode; as with other hacking nodes, provide the specified dice and extract the data. After hacking/extracting the Consec node, a Consec Port node will appear nearby, in which you'll need to insert a Ripperworm. After inserting this Ripperworm, 2 more Consec nodes will appear; hack and extract both of these, then insert a Ripperworm in the next Consec Port node that appears. Continuing the pattern, 3 more Consec nodes will appear; hack and extract, then insert the last Ripperworm into the Consec Port node that appears. After one more story bit, the achievement will unlock.


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